Vodafone 3G 4G Mobile WiFi – R201, R205, R210

Many customers know there are various USB Surf sticks available for Vodafone 3G or 4G networks, but few know the mobile WiFi hotspot for Vodafone. Today, we will have a review of Vodafone Pocket WiFi for 3G & 4G networks.    

The early model of Vodafone mobile WiFi is Vodafone R201. It's the first generation for Vodafone and also the first generation of Huawei mobile WiFi. This model is produced by Huawei, follow R201, Huawei presents many new versions to publicly and gained gear success. Vodafone R201 supports HSDPA 7.2Mbps, it could transfer SIM signal to WiFi signal and up to 5 users could access internet via R201. At that time, the download speed 7.2Mbps is good enough for most activities, but with the network development and many applications for data transmission, this speed can't meet the requirement for surfing. Then newer version comes out.  


Vodafone R205 is the newer model supporting HSPA+ technology. The HSPA+ apply the MIMO technology for data transfer. So it would obviously improve the link speed. Vodafone R205 could support peak link speed up to 21Mbps and 5.76Mbps. It comes from the factory model Huawei E586 mobile WiFi. Similar to R201, it would support 5 users to share the WiFi network. As we can see, the improvement of the new generation mobile WiFi is on the supporting speed.  


However, People demand for speed is not limited to 21 Mbps. Higher connection speed are required in many areas. Then 4G technology is decoupled and the mobile terminals are following. Vodafone is always leading the industry trend.    

Here now Vodafone R210 4G LTE mobile WiFi is available. Under good 4G LTE network, the R210 supports up to 100Mbps. It's really amazing, if you download a movie in big size, it would take for only few seconds. And this speed makes it true to play many online games.


With more power capacity, Vodafone R210 could work for longer time than its predecessors. What's more, more users (up to 10 WiFi enabled devices) could get connected with the mobile WiFi and surf. The pocket WiFi could only work on 4G LTE network, but also back ward 3G UMTS/WCDMA & 2G GSM/GPRS/ EDGE. Where 4G network is not available, Vodafone R210 would auto choose the alternative good network available to keep user connected with network. With higher specification, there is no doubt that the price of Vodafone R210 is a little bit higher than the previous R201 and R205.    

Considering the performance of the three mobile WiFi for Vodafone and budget, you can choose the right model to keep connected with the best networks.  

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Vodafone R210 VS HUAWEI E589

Es war eine lange Zeit, da Huawei E589 und Vodafone R210 auf dem Markt verfügbar. Aber es gibt immer noch viele Nutzer, die ihre mobile 4G WiFi bekommen haben.


Heute haben wir eine allgemeine Überprüfung der zwei ähnliche 4G LTE Mobile WiFi. Huawei E589 veröffentlicht zu Beginn des Jahres 2012, dann Vodafone diese Fabrik pro Modell seine persönliche Vorlieben angepasst, dann Vodafone R210 wurde Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt.



Vodafone R210 4G Tasche WiFi wurde erstmals in den europäischen Gebieten für Vodafone 4G LTE-Netzwerk. Mit Vodafone-Logo unter dem Bildschirm, sieht es cool. Die klassische Kombination von roten und schwarzen Farbe macht Vodafone R210 attraktiv. Doch nach der Fabrik Modell Huawei E589, hat Vodafone R210 nur ein externer Antennenanschluss, die nicht eine gute Lösung für MIMO kann. Die Batterie eingelegt und kann nicht abnehmbar. Aber die Batterie ist wiederaufladbar mit einer Kapazität von 3000mAh, die den R210 zu für 6 unterstützen könnte - 8 Stunden.




Hier kommt eine Frage, was ist der Hauptunterschied zwischen Huawei E589 und Vodafone R210? Sind sie nur anders als das Logo? Es ist eine gute Frage.



Vodafone R210 ist für den kommerziellen 4G LTE-Netz von Vodafone in Europa. Also, wenn Vodafone R210 bestellt, setzen Sie ihn in seine ausgefahrene R210 4G LTE Frequenzband 800/1800/2600MHz unterstützen. Allerdings Huawei E589 das Modell in Huawei Marke ist, so dass es nicht zu einem Netzwerk beschränkt, gemäß der Spezifikation, fanden wir, es wäre auf 4G FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz, die fast 80% deckt 4G FDD-Netzwerk verfügbar zu arbeiten jetzt. Basierend auf guten Ruf in mobilen 3G-WiFi wird Huawei E589 4G LTE Tasche WiFi führen die Nachfrage des Marktes.



So Huawei E589 würde mehr Betreiber auf der ganzen Welt zu unterstützen, unbegrenzt zu Vodafone. Per aktuellen Rekordabsatz ist Huawei E589 der beliebtesten mobilen WiFi für 4G LTE-Netz, vor allem in Asien und Europa. Die gute Nachricht ist, dass es Vodafone R210 in 4glterouter.de entriegelt, bedeutet dies, Vodafone R210 konnte nicht nur mit Vodafone 4G-Netz zu arbeiten, sondern unterstützen auch die 4G FDD Netzbetreibern in anderen Ländern oder Regionen. Und der Preis ist besser als Huawei E589, wenn Sie also Vodafone R210 mag, und wollen nicht Vertrag, um eine unverschlossene Vodafone R210 von www.4glterouter.de  kaufen ist eine gute Idee.

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Will you buy Huawei E589 or Unlocked Vodafone R210 4G Pocket WiFi?

It has been a long time since Huawei E589 and Vodafone R210 available in the market. But there are still many users who haven't gotten their 4G mobile WiFi.  

Today, we will have a general review of the two similar 4G LTE mobile WiFi. Huawei released Huawei E589 at the beginning of 2012, then Vodafone customized this factory model per its preference, then Vodafone R210 was presented to public.


Vodafone R210 4G Pocket WiFi was first available in European areas for Vodafone 4G LTE network.  With Vodafone logo below the screen, it looks cool. The classic combination of red and black color makes Vodafone R210 attractive. However, following the factory model of Huawei E589, Vodafone R210 has only one external antenna connector, which may not be a good solution for MIMO. The battery is inserted and cannot be detachable. But the battery is rechargeable with capacity of 3000mAh, which could support the R210 to work for 6 - 8 hours.


Here comes a question, what's the key difference between Huawei E589 and Vodafone R210? Are they just different from the logo? It's a good question.  

Vodafone R210 is for the commercial 4G LTE network from Vodafone in Europe. So when Vodafone ordered R210, it set R210 to support its deployed 4G LTE frequency band 800/1800/2600MHz. However, Huawei E589 is the model in Huawei brand, so it's not limited to any network, per the specification, we found it would work on 4G FDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz, which covers almost 80% 4G FDD network available now. Based on good reputation in 3G mobile WiFi, Huawei E589 4G LTE pocket WiFi will lead the market demand.


So Huawei E589 would support more operators over the world, unlimited to Vodafone. Per current sales record, Huawei E589 is the most popular mobile WiFi for 4G LTE network, especially in Asia and Europe. The good news is that there are unlocked Vodafone R210 available in 4gltemall.com , it means Vodafone R210 could not only work with Vodafone 4G network, but also support the 4G FDD network operators in other countries or areas. And the price is better than Huawei E589, so if you like Vodafone R210, and don't want contract, to buy an unlocked Vodafone R210 from 4gltemall.com is a good idea.  

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FAQs for HUAWEI E5776 4G LTE Cat4 Mobile WiFi Hotspot

  1. How to insert your SIM card and set up your HUAWEI E5776 4G Mobile Hotspot?

Installing your Huawei E5776 4G LTE Cat4 Mobile Hotspot is simple and intuitive. Follow the guide!

A.) Insert the SIM card into the top slot like this


B.) Record and keep your Wi-Fi codes at the top of your 4G  Mobile Hotspot HUAWEI E5776:

* SSID: default name of the Wi-Fi signals from your Mobile Hotspot 4G

* WPA-PSK: default password to access the Wi-Fi network

C.) Turn on your 4G Mobile Hotspot by pressing and holding the power button. This starts when the Wi-Fi indicator appears on the screen.

D.) Connect your HUAWEI E5776 Mobile 4G Hotspot to your computer via the supplied USB cable and follow the instructions displayed on your computer to install the software.

 2How to use the management interface for your HUAWEI E5776 4G Mobile Hotspot?

Your interface 4G Mobile Hotspot allows you to easily manage your account, send SMS and customize the settings for your Wi-Fi   You have two options available to them:

1.)     2 Click on the icon Mobile Partner for 4G Mobile Hotspot on your desktop

2.)     open a new Internet browser page and type in the address bar of one of the two following addresses: http://hotspot.mobile or


3. How to connect via your Mobile 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot?

  A.) Gather codes Wi-Fi (WPA-PSK and SSID) of your HUAWEI E5776 Mobile Hotspot B.)Enable Wi-Fi on your device and view the list of available Wi-Fi networks. C.) Then select the SSID of your 4G Mobile Hotspot and click connect (or equivalent, depending on your equipment). D.)Enter the code WPA-PSK . You are now connected.      

4.  How to unlock HUAWEI E5776 LTE Cat 4 Mobile Hotspot ?

  You can unlock your free Huawei E5776 6 months after purchase by calling your Customer Service. Alternatively 4G Mobile Hotspot via email before the deadline of 6 months. This service will be charged for some fee by your operators.   To unlock your Huawei 4G Mobile Hotspot E5776 please follow the following 2 steps:     Step 1: Get your unlock code     A.) Note the number IMEI of HUAWEI E5776 as it will be required to get your unlock code. You can find:

  B.) Then contact your Customer Service to get your unlock code.     Step 2: Unlock your HUAWEI E5776 4G Mobile Hotspot     1.)  Insert the SIM card from your new operator in Mobile Hotspot Huawei E5776     2.)  Start Huawei E5776 4G Mobile Hotspot (by doing a long press on the On / Off button)   3.) Then access the management interface 4G Mobile Hotspot:

A.)Connect your computer to the Wi-Fi Hotspot for your Mobile 4G Hotspot HUAWEI E5776

B.)Open a new Internet page navigation

C.)And double-click the icon Mobile partner for 4G Mobile Hotspot on your desktop if you installed it or type in the address bar of one of the two following addresses: http://hotspot.mobile   or  http:/ /

  4.) Enter the unlock code and click the "Apply" button . 5.) Huawei E5776 4G Mobile Hotspot is now unlocked and can be used with another operator    

5. On what operating system to install your Mobile Hotspot 4G?

  Your Mobile Hotspot 4G Huawei E5776 is compatible with the following systems:   1.)     Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8 2.)     Mac OS 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8    

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HUAWEI E5372 150Mbps 4G LTE Cat4 Mobile WiFi Hotspot Review

We are glad to inform the wireless users that Huawei released a new 4G 150Mbps LTE mobile hotspot. The model is Huawei E5372 for LTE category 4. Today, let's have a look what the LTE cat4 mobile WiFi could bring us.  


The Huawei E5372 LTE Cat4 mobile WiFi was first presented to public a one month ago on MWC 2013. This time, it's in white color. In our memory, black color is the classic color for Huawei E5 Mobile WiFi. Per the official saying, Huawei E5372 is the smallest LTE cat4 Mobile WiFi. So even E5372 is in pocket size, it's still much smaller than its predecessors, such as Huawei E589 Mobile Pocket WiFi and Huawei E5776 LTE Cat4 Mobile Hotspot.      

There is a 1.45 inch TFT screen which will show the important information for Huawei E5372, it indicates the network signal strength, connection status, users connected, remaining battery, operator and SMS. There is only one button for power on and off. The one-button operation is very convenient for user, and it's friendly for user experience. These features are almost the same as Huawei E5776, the predecessor of Huawei E5372.  

We found the platform of Huawei E5372 is not Qualcomm chipset, it's Huawei own Hisilicon V7R1. But the battery of Huawei E5372 is only 1780mAh, which is only a little bit more than half of Huawei E5776 battery. The Huawei E5372 could be charged via USB through USB interface.      

Like other LTE Category 4 Mobile WiFi, the Huawei E5372 could support maximum download speed up to 150Mbps on FDD network and 112 Mbps download speed on TDD network. The upload speeds are 50Mbps for FDD and 10Mbps for TDD. And the Huawei E5372 supports WiFi 2 * 2 MIMO and WiFi. The WiFi spectrums are 2.4GHz and 5GHz. There are two external antenna connectors in the body of Huawei E5372.


There is another feature we have to mention that the Huawei E5372 could quick boot in 5 seconds, we are not sure whether the HiLink technology is applied in the LTE Cat4 mobile Hotspot, but the boot time is so short that it will highly improve the user's experience. Huawei E5372 is compatible with the usual operation system such Windows and Mac.  

We believe there will be many variant models for Huawei E5372, and we will review them in future. To check more new 4G LTE gadgets on www.4gltemall.com  

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